1. What are the main benefits of Humydry products?

Humydry Moisture Absorber products absorb humidity when it exceeds 50 – 60%. The devices contain absorbent granules which, when they come in contact with the air, absorb the excess humidity. They do not dry the environment: if the moisture is too low they stop absorbing, and activate only when the moisture exceeds the recommended levels.

Our line of products is ideal for preventing problems caused by condensation moisture: stains on the walls, mildew, and unpleasant odors.

Many of the Humydry Moisture Absorber products, in addition to their anti-moisture function, also act as air fresheners, available in different, pleasant fragrances.

They are very simple to use and do not require electricity.

2. What model do I need?

Humydry Moisture Absorber has products conceived and designed for all types of spaces, based on the needs and sizes of each.

For spaces approximately 35m2 we recommend Humydry Premium 1000g. For medium-sized spaces of approximately 15m2, Humydry Premium 450g or Humydry Premium 450g PLUS is ideal. These three products have an anti-spill system that prevents accidental loss of liquid in the event of bumping or overturning.

Humydry Basic 250g is the right product for small or medium-sized spaces like the bedroom or the bathroom. To prevent moisture and unpleasant odors in drawers, closets, or storage boxes, Humydry Duplo 75g and Humydry Mobil 75g are ideal.

3. How does the refill system work?

Humydry Moisture Absorber products have three types of refills:

  • Universal refills packaged in non-woven fabric bags that prevent the skin from coming in direct contact with the granules. Available in 250g, 450g, and 1k bags, unscented or with perfume, with built-in air freshening effect.
  • FRESH TAB Refills that come in 75g and 500g 2-in-1 tablets and include a capsule of liquid perfume, combining the action of moisture remover and air freshener. Also available unscented, without perfume.
  • HYGRO BAG Refills, made with a breathable material that makes it possible to absorb excess moisture and hold the liquid inside, preventing any type of leak.

When the compound (granules or tablet) is completely used up, you can empty the liquid from the container and insert the refill.

4. Where can I put it?

You can place Humydry Moisture Absorber products wherever you want and wherever you think they are appropriate. They are just as effective regardless of height or placement, provided that they are in the space where you want the product to remove moisture. You can place them at ground level, under living room furniture or under the bed, or in closets or drawers. Try to place them where they will not get bumped, so they won’t be overturned, and keep them out of the reach of children.

5. Do they dry out the air?

The recommended moisture level is 40-50%. Humydry Moisture Absorber products keep the percentage of moisture at those levels. When the level is below 40%, the granules stop absorbing moisture so the product will never dry out the air. But when the humidity levels are very high, the compound will accelerate absorption so you enjoy a healthy, pleasant atmosphere.

6. How long does it take to solve the problem of excess moisture?

That will depend on the amount of environmental humidity, but with continuous use of the HUMYDRY products you will solve the problems of unpleasant odors, the proliferation of mildew, and the appearance of stains. In the event of damage caused by seepage from outside, call a technician.

7. What are the advantages of Humydry products over electric dehumidifiers?

HUMYDRY products operate without electricity, so we can place them where it’s most convenient for us and in as many rooms as we think are necessary. Also, they’re more economical.

  • No noise.
  • No electricity use.
  • Can be placed in as many rooms as necessary.
  • Operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year controlling moisture, if necessary.
  • Do not dry the air.
  • Do not need maintenance.

More economical.

8. Are HUMYDRY products safe?

Behind the wide range of HUMYDRY products there is more than 25 years of research and innovation, in order to always give the consumer high quality products that are safe to handle.

Our moisture absorber products include high-quality design elements and materials that make them safer and stronger. Elements such as the drainage system, secure clipping, or the anti-overturn system that some of our products include make them appropriate and safe for use all over the house.

The absorbent granules in the HUMYDRY Moisture Absorber products are made of calcium chloride, a chemical compound used in the pharmaceutical or food industries.

It is not toxic, but it is an irritant. Therefore, contact with eyes, skin, or clothing should be avoided. Keep out of the reach of children.

It is important to follow the instructions and recommendations for use of each product, as you would with any chemical product. Read the label before using.

9. What precautions should one take when using Humydry products?

Direct contact with eyes or skin can cause irritation. Inhaled calcium chloride dust can irritate the upper respiratory tract.

Avoid contact with skin and keep the product out of the reach of children and animals.

In case of ingestion, go to the doctor immediately.

10. How can I clean a surface that has come in contact with the liquid produced by HUMYDRY Moisture Absorber products?

To clean the product that has spilled on metal or non-porous surfaces, we recommend washing with copious amounts of warm water.

If the brine comes in contact with a porous floor and you did not detect the spilled liquid right away, the stain may remain after a first washing with warm water. Clean the stained surface several times. If the stain remains after several days, we cannot guarantee that it will go away completely.

For stains on fabrics, follow the garment manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Materials such as paper and cardboard cannot be saved after coming in contact with the brine (water with a high concentration of dissolved salt) generated by the Humydry Moisture Absorber products.

11. Where can I find Humydry products?

You will find Humydry products at major supermarket chains and do-it-yourself centers.


1. What are the main benefits of Freshwave products?

Freshwave products are effective odor neutralizers. Unlike other products, and thanks to its exclusive, patented formula, Freshwave quickly eliminates unpleasant odors for good. It doesn’t mask them, it eliminates them for good.

2. How do Freshwave products work?

All products in the Freshwave line act immediately and are proven effective. Excellent for eliminating odor from dampness, tobacco, food, pets… on any surface, fabric, or in any setting.

3. Are Freshwave products air fresheners?

No, Freshwave products are odor neutralizers. Thanks to their ingredients (extract of lime, pine needle, anise, clove, and cedar), they have a light, pleasant fragrance which disappears a few seconds after the product is applied.

4. What Freshwave products should I use for each situation?

You can find Freshwave products in the following forms:

  • Spray (250 ml): Ideal vaporizer for immediately neutralizing unpleasant odors in the air or on fabrics.
  • Gel (400g, continuous evaporation): Optimal for continuously neutralizing unpleasant odors in the air.
  • Liquid additive (1000 ml): The most versatile in the line. You can add it to water for cleaning, in the washing machine, steam cleaner, or use it to eliminate the unpleasant odor coming from pipes and drains.
  • Candle: Continuous action to eliminate unpleasant odors in a very decorative form. Operates for more than 50 hours.
  • Pack of pearls (6 16g units): Continuously eliminate odor in small, closed spaces such as bags, lockers, clothes hampers, shoe racks…

You will also find the line of Freshwave Car products, especially recommended for eliminating odors for good in cars and trailers.

5. Where can I find Freshwave products?

You will also find the line of Freshwave Car products, especially recommended for eliminating odors for good in cars and trailers.