Humex S.A., a family company founded in 1986, with headquarters in Spain and offices in Germany and the United States, specializes in the design, production, and marketing of moisture absorber and odor neutralizing products.
Enjoy a healthier, pleasanter atmosphere.


Under our HUMYDRY® trademark we are present in the major large-scale distribution chains at more than 60,000 points of sale in more than 50 countries worldwide, mainly in Spain, Portugal, and Germany.


Our mission is to create well-being in the home, controlling excess moisture and fighting unpleasant odors. We offer a wide range of products that meet all of our clients’ needs (unscented, perfumed; in bags, in tablets, in large and small sizes…). Our goal is to become an environmentally-responsible company and a reference point for efficient, sustainable solutions.


  • Commitment to acting with integrity, honestly, and transparently, from the executive team to the most operational level of the organization.
  • Meaning: We believe in people and in work well done; we work as a team, sharing information, knowledge, and experiences to achieve common objectives.
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We believe in continuous improvement and in innovation to create products that are ever more efficient, effective, and safe.


We seek a sustained and long-term benefit through values based on quality standards, prevention of on-the-job hazards, and environmental management. In short, we apply responsible business management for social, economic, and environmental improvement.

Humex also cooperates actively with various humanitarian aid programs: OrphanAid Africa and Food Bank.

We have ISO 9001 and IFS HPC certifications.