Eliminating damp and mildew on boats

Post 23 March 2012 In Control of the moisture in boats

Boats are especially vulnerable to the effects of excess humidity. High humidity levels on waterborne vessels can lead to damage to mats, rusting of metal objects and damage to wood. All of these problems are multiplied when the boat is left moored for a time. When you come back to your boat, sometimes there are unpleasant surprises waiting for you that are caused by humidity. The majority of damage caused by humidity in the boat’s interior can be prevented.

When the boat is moored or not being used it is a good idea to not store cushions or mats or other materials that may not be completely dry as this may increase the level of humidity inside the boat and this will probably damage them, leaving them with mildew and stains. For long periods of disuse a dehumidifier will ensure that humidity does not become a problem. When the boat is in use, the humidity created by people sleeping takes the form of condensation. We recommend using HUMYDRY Optimo, as it has a taller recipient which is very important if the boat is in motion. This product comes with a handy hook on the back so it can be hung and to keep it from falling when the boat is underway. Using a dehumidifier is a good idea to help prevent deterioration and breakage of cloth and metal objects which may be affected by humidity.

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