Preventing condensation and mildew in rooms

Post 23 March 2012 In Excess moisture in the rooms

The bedroom is one of the places in the home that tends to remain closed for the longest continuous periods with one or more people inside. This generates a large amount of humidity and the characteristic stagnant odour of stuffy rooms in the mornings. This is also an ideal place for mites to appear due to the humidity and the skin flakes which they feed on. All this can have a negative effect on your health and ability to rest.

Air you bedroom daily for fifteen minutes during the time of day with the most sunlight. Frequent vacuuming to prevent the appearance of mites and their larva has also been demonstrated to be very effective. Use a mid- to large-sized dehumidifier to absorb humidity generated in the bedroom, with less humidity mites will have a much harder time developing. With a humidity level between 40-60% you will have a more restful sleep and possible respiratory problems can be prevented.

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