Unpleasant odours and damp

Post 21 August 2012 In Effects of humidity and precautions

The odour of damp and the smell of “closed-in” spaces are caused primarily by a lack of ventilation and high levels of ambient humidity. These odours appear in places that are not used frequently (flats, caravans, basements ...). Wardrobes and drawers that are used infrequently may also be affected by unpleasant odours.

Continuous use of a scented dehumidifier helps to reduce excess humidity and also freshens the air of the area in which it is employed. These types of products are ideal for use in areas that are used infrequently since they do not require electricity. The “stuffy” smell is one of the first symptoms of the appearance of damp and mildew. If you take action before it gets a foothold, you can avoid unnecessary repairs and also benefit from a home free of damp and unpleasant odours.

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