Feeling of cold and damp

Post 21 August 2012 In Effects of humidity and precautions

It has been shown that the “real” temperature and the temperature we feel depend on the level of humidity in the air. The more humidity there is, the more cold we feel. In winter there is generally more humidity inside, this is mainly due to two factors: the temperature and reduced ventilation. Modern or renovated homes commonly have Thermal Bridge Rupture windows installed and gloss paint, these stop the house from breathing which would reduce humidity that forms inside the home. Heating a damp home is much more expensive and expensive.

Ventilate your home for 15 minutes every day when the sunlight is at its peak. Although this may seem counterproductive it is effective in removing humidity from the interior of the house which makes the house easier to heat. Continuous use of a dehumidifier in places where there is more humidity, in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens primarily will help greatly to control ambient humidity. If the humidity level can be controlled in the house, your home will have a greater feeling of comfort and well-being.

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