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HUMYDRY® Air freshener Cupboard

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HUMYDRY® air fresheners are extra flat and have an adhesive strip on the back so they can be attached anywhere. They freshen the air for 4-6 weeks and are ideal for use in small spaces. Available in different fragrances.

Ideal for: Wardrobes and drawers.

Refillable: No, this is a single use product.

Function: Remove the product from its protective packaging and place in the desired location. The product works by evaporation. Once it is used up dispose of the product following the recycling recommendations.

Contents: Contains 4 Air fresheners.

Dimensions (box): 79x45x150mm

Recommendations: Place in a safe location.

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How do HUMYDRY products work?

Without electricity or batteries.

When humidity levels reach 45% or more, the granulate absorbs excess humidity and collects it in the form of liquid...

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