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HUMYDRY® Moisture Absorber Mini 75g

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HUMYDRY® anti-damp air freshener Mini 75g is ideal for use in any small space in the home. It is a product with two functions, it eliminates humidity and scents the air. This dehumidifier is very practical for use in wardrobes, in drawers underneath the bed, in safes, in small bathrooms and in any other space of reduced dimensions. It is a very effective solution for mild humidity problems and helps to keep objects stored in these places in good condition. The purpose of the air freshener is to ensure that when you open a drawer or closet you are met with the pleasant fragrance and freshness of the product.

Ideal for wardrobes, closet, bed drawers, show racks, safes and bathrooms.

Refillable: No, this is a single use product. Once the product has run out follow the instructions to recycle the product.
Function: Remove the transparent plastic cap and place the product in the desired location.
Contents: 1 HUMYDRY® Mini dehumidifier, 75g.
Absorptive capacity: This has an absorptive capacity of approximately 70ml.
Dimensions: 74x78x74mm
Recommendations: Place in a safe location, do not tip over. Ideal for having the all the advantages of an air freshener and dehumidifier all in one product.

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How do HUMYDRY products work?

Without electricity or batteries.

When humidity levels reach 45% or more, the granulate absorbs excess humidity and collects it in the form of liquid...

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