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HUMYDRY® Moisture Absorber Premium 1000g

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The safest and functional HUMYDRY® product.

Patented anti-spill system: Prevents spillage of liquid collected in case of accidental tipping.

Security clip system: Clip system lets you assemble and disassemble the unit with ease.

Drain inside the unit: Lets you drain the liquid from the tank easily.

Large capacity tray: Prevents accidental overflow of liquid.

HUMYDRY® PREMIUM absorbs excess moisture from the atmosphere until the recommended relative humidity level of 50-60% is reached. 

The refill contain moisture absorbing crystals which convert to liquid when active. The liquid collected from the air will drip into the bottom tray. The product lasts up to 3 months depending on the temperature and degree of humidity in the air. 

HUMYDRY® Moisture Absorbers Prevent and solve problems caused by excessive humidity. 

Removes unpleasant odours.

Prevents mould & mildew.

Reduces allergens.

Protects from moisture damage.

HUMYDRY® is suited for use anywhere around the house including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, garages and more...

HUMYDRY® can also help protect your appliances and other valuables such as cameras etc. 

Against mould & moisture damage.

HUMYDRY® is great for your family too, by regulating the moisture levels in you home, reducing allergans & the affects of mould& bacteria growth in the home.

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How do HUMYDRY products work?

Without electricity or batteries.

When humidity levels reach 45% or more, the granulate absorbs excess humidity and collects it in the form of liquid...

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