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HUMYDRY® Moisture Absorber Basic 250g

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HUMYDRY® Basic dehumidifier 250g is ideal for medium-sized spaces. It is the perfect solution for excess humidity, mildew, peeling paint and stains on the walls in spaces up to 20m3. Controlling humidity also help to prevent the appearance of mites, which play an important role in many respiratory conditions which have increased incidence in people who suffer from asthma. It also helps to maintain optimum conditions for the storage of items in wardrobes. In second homes, which remained closed for extended periods, it helps to eliminate stuffy odours and humidity.

Ideal for:
Wardrobes, Shoe racks, rooms. Its small size and ease of use make it ideal for use in medium-sized spaces where it helps to maintain humidity levels. Ideally suited for any time of the year.
Yes, with universal HUMYDRY® 250g refills. Available in different aromas.
1 HUMYDRY® Basic 250  & 1 Universal Refill 250g. 
It will work for 2-3 months depending on the temperature and the ambient humidity.
Place in a safe location, do not tip over. Is ideal for medium-sized spaces which do not have extremely high levels of excess humidity.

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How do HUMYDRY products work?

Without electricity or batteries.

When humidity levels reach 45% or more, the granulate absorbs excess humidity and collects it in the form of liquid...

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