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HUMYDRY® Moisture Absorber MOBIL 75g

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HUMYDRY® Mobil 75g is designed to protect your belongings from moisture in areas with little space, are poorly-ventilated, or that are closed for a long time (closets, drawers, storage boxes, vehicles, etc.)

The active crystals absorb excess moisture through the white, breathable material and transform it into a liquid, trapping it inside the bag. No leakage of liquid. Once the refill bag is full of liquid, simply replace it with a new one. Lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on the ambient humidity and temperature of the area where it is used. Remove the plastic wrapper without damaging the inner bag and put the refill inside the case. 

IMPORTANT. Always place the refill inside the container.  Place the refill with the breathable side up so that the anti-moisture crystals absorb the excess ambient humidity.


Ideal for protecting books, stamps, documents and photographs.

Prevents mold and damp smell of clothes stored in boxes, drawers, and closets.

Keeps photographic equipment in perfect condition and prevents the formation of mold on lenses through condensation.

Ideal for vehicles; prevents condensation.

Assists in the proper functioning of electrical equipment, telephones, chargers, disk drives, etc, stored in drawers.


Cleaner, safer, practical, and easy to use.

Yes, with HYGRO BAG 75g.

1 HUMYDRY® Moisture Absorber Mobil  and 1 refill HYGRO BAG 75g.
4-6 weeks

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How do HUMYDRY products work?

Without electricity or batteries.

When humidity levels reach 45% or more, the granulate absorbs excess humidity and collects it in the form of liquid...

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